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Q:What is a cold-air inflatable?

A: Custom inflatables that are labeled cold-air require a blower system (fan) to keep them upright. Cold-air inflatables include sports tunnels, large product replicas, mascots, rooftop inflatables, etc. Cold-air inflatables do not “fly” or float in the air like helium-filled inflatables.

Q:Why aren't there any prices listed on your site?

A:Because we create custom inflatables we have no set price list. Each project is quoted based on your precise specifications. As you might expect, a 6-foot sealed inflatable sphere with a simple design will cost significantly less than a 30-foot tall product replica.

Depending on the type and size, custom inflatables from ANKA can run between $50 and $50,000. Every aspect of your project is considered so you get the perfect size for your event(s) along with exacting detail in the design and production of your balloon. What's more, the use of premium materials guarantees true value that performs well for years to come.

Q:What do I provide for custom an inflatable arch?

A:Well,at first, we have to confirm basically information, such as size,material,printing or not,airtight or cold air. If you have no idea about any of these information,don't worry,every ANKA sales will provide a solution after discuss with designer and factory director.Cause office locate in factory,there is no any Communication disorders between sales and factory.

Q:How long can ANKA inflatables warranty?

A:In fact,this depends on the products. Such as airdancer/skydancer,this is belong to consumables due to a powerful blower blower it all the time,the material has to be soft,lightweight.No matterial how strong the material we use,it can't be last long. Warranty 480hours. Also depends on how you use it, if you use whole day(8hours),most 60days. If you use 1-3times per month,I think few year is possible. Normal inflatables warranty 1-3years.