October 1st 2016, a giant inflatable dumpling appeared on the Pearl River, at the back of the Haixinsha stand to celebrate the China National Day  http://epaper.jinghua.cn/qiye/m/view.php?aid=8264. This inflatable character named ‘Doudou’, is 21 meters in length, 12 meters in width and 15 meters in height. It is one of the food leading roles in the cartoon Kung Food which was created by a famous animation enterprise in China and made by ANKA INFLATABLE CO.,LTD. It is popular among audiences. The display time is from October 1st to October 14th in 2016.

An inspiration from ‘Inflatable yellow Duck’—make big inflatable dumpling  http://www.anka.com.cn/giant-inflatable-character-pid-448.html

A general manager from Yi Animation said: ‘Two years ago, an Inflatable yellow Duck from Holland overseas to China. A huge number of local people and visitors went to visit it and took photos. The economic value and influence are produced by this public art reflected that lack of our local cultural development in Cultural and Creative industries. Now it is time for Chinese International Animation Festival in October, we would like to make an image like a Mickey Mouse in USA to make it become a carrier of core values. Place a giant inflatable character on the Pearl River can improve the image of local place and increase the cultural connotation and attraction of tourist destination.

Hence, the manager search inflatables supplier on internet and visited few of them. Finally, ANKA are lucky to be the one who take responsible to handle this great project. After times fixed of the 3D artwork, our designer figure out the design which very close to the role of cartoon. Although long time delay and only one week left for production. ANKA workers chasing day and night and fortunately we catched up the deadline.

 It is worth to mention that ANKA also handle the part of install it. We study few solutions during the production. At 7:00 29th morning, 18 ANKA workers go to the shipping company and start install with a ship we rent at first. Things always harder than we thought, esp in this windy and raining weather. Eventually, after 15hours hard work, we made it. That’s was really a dulcet feeling, even all of us were exhausted .

At this long term national holiday, raining never extinguish people’s passion. It was so nice to see that people’s curious, admiration expression when see it.  http://www.anka.com.cn/giant-inflatable-character02-pid-450.html

BTW, we also made few other smaller inflatable characters for show at different place of centre of GZ. You can’t image how kids love it. Everyone of ANKA are so proud of it.  http://www.anka.com.cn/giant-inflatable-character01-pid-449.html

ANKA always welcome any kind great idea. We would like to provide the best solution based on our experience. Pls feel free to contact me, thank you! —JOHN ZHANG(edith@anka.com.cn)